Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Valentine Table Runner: Design Begins

I started working on my Valentine table runner tonight. There are still a ton of tweaks to make, but here's a sneak peek:

Lovebirds! Hope you can see them. The first question I'm working on is, symmetrical hearts or freeform hearts? Here's the same arrangement, but with freeform heart shapes:

I'm leaning towards the freeform shapes, since I want this to be a casual, fun kind of piece. Lots more decisions to make, among them:

  1. Should the background be one solid strip of fabric, or have some piecing to it?
  2. Try larger wings...those look a little skimpy to me. Also, the lady bird could be a bit rounder.
  3. How many hearts, and in what arrangement? I'm imagining two sets of lovebirds, one at either end of the runner. The hearts can maybe make some kind of design in the center.
  4. Play with different heart fabrics. I'm not so sure about these.
  5. If I don't do any piecing in the background, could I work the word LOVE into the appliqué somehow?
  6. Overall shape of the runner? Border(s) or no? Binding fabric?
SO much more to work on....so much more fun on the way! Opinions are welcome...just click the word "comments" below and let me know what you think.

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