Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Super Saturday

I got a lot done today so far, most notably the binding for the Quick Quilt sampler (pieced from lots of the fabrics leftover from making blocks) and the background piece for the Valentine table runner (detail above). I decided the background needed a little more piecing than just a grid of 4" squares, so I mixed them up with some four-patches, incorporating the white/pink dot that will be the hearts at the ends of the runner. It sparkles a bit now. I also added panels of plain white at either end, to be a base for the appliquéd hearts. The plain white will be trimmed even with the hearts later. It's so much fun to solve the little puzzles that come up as you try to make something that you're designing as you go. For example, I had to decide on which fabrics would go into the patchwork. I could have carefully color-coordinated, but I liked the mix of true pinks, blue pinks, lavender pinks, and orange pinks. Seems way more yummy to me.
Also today I created a page here with an English paper piecing tutorial. Hopefully it will be helpful for somebody. At any rate, I learned a lot trying to organize it. Altogether, a super Saturday!

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