Appliqué with Machine Blanket Stitch

Hope you find these tips and photos helpful!
Play with your machine blanket stitch settings until you find a length and width that look good on your project. 
Start at a place that's fairly straight, not near an inner or outer point.
When you approach a sharp outer point, stop at about the area where your stitch width is equal to half of the shape. Change your settings to a blanket stitch with a smaller "bite" or width.
Take the narrower stitches until you reach the point. Then stop at point, take one stitch to secure, and turn to begin the next side.
After turning the corner, continue with smaller stitch until you reach the point where stitches no longer touch each other in the middle of the shape. Then go back to your original stitch width.
Pretty nice point, huh? For inner corners, there's no need to alter stitch width at all. Just start on a straight area, stitch to the inner point, take one stitch at inner point, and then continue with the next side.

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