Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Evening To-Do List

Here are all the quilty things I'd like to get done tonight:

  • prep more appliqué shapes for the mini remake of the vintage quilt so I have handwork for TV time
  • cut fabric for sashing units for Quick Quilts sampler quilt
  • firm up the design for the Valentine table runner
  • read Cécile' Trentini's new book, Daily Beauty (C&T Publishing)
Maybe I should call this a to-don't list, because I think the only thing that's going to get done is reading the book. It's about the author's journey making a very unique art quilt. Every one of the 365 blocks in the piece includes a cotton pad, the kind used for makeup removal. I can almost feel the texture of one in my hand looking at these photographs. I want to know more about the project, so I think I'll give myself a break and indulge. Off to read!

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