Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mini Madness

Honestly, it's worse than potato chips. I can't stop working on this miniature quilt! It's a tiny remake of an antique quilt from York County, PA, and the hand applique is absolutely addicting, in the nicest possible way. Do you see how itty bitty those ovals are? Like, 1/2" or so, that's how itty bitty. The blocks finish at 5", and the quilt will be about 23" square. The original is 91" square, so this is a quarter-size version. The print fabrics are by American Jane for Moda and I'm really liking them for this design. But I digress...the point is, I can't stop working on it, and it's after midnight. Tomorrow morning my eyes will feel like sandtraps. But tonight...we sew!


  1. Go, Kathy, Go! I'm envious and wish I could join you in making your mini-quilt. As a fellow PA girl, I know that if something is a worse addition than potato chips, it's got to be good. Enjoy your mini-journey!

    1. addition=addiction (see, you've got me all discombobulated with news of your exciting project!)